Patient safety campaign to get NPSA ‘back on the rails’?

Almost 8 years have passed since publication of the Chief Medical Officer’s seminal patient safety report ‘An Organisation with a Memory’

In this time, the progress of the national NHS patient safety agenda has been hampered by a “dysfunctional” National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). However, as evidence emerges that the NPSA appears to be getting ‘back on the rails’ and as other organisations lend much needed support to the patient safety agenda, we may be about to witness a new era in progress with patient safety in the NHS in England.

The ‘NHS patient safety campaign’ aims to aims to save lives and reduce harm. It’s being developed and led by a team of NHS clinicians and managers, along with other patient safety stakeholders, and is being supported by the National Patient Safety Agency, The Health Foundation and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

Work has begun on drawing together existing knowledge and best practice from around the world including:

– Evidence based interventions

– Tools and materials to support trusts in implementing and monitoring interventions

– Systems to encourage and support knowledge sharing

Stephen Ramsden, Chief Executive, Luton and Dunstable NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed as the Campaign Director to provide ongoing vision and strategic leadership for the campaign. The campaign will initially focus on acute trusts and will launch in the summer. Further information on the campaign can be found at: and also on the NPSA website at:

One Response to Patient safety campaign to get NPSA ‘back on the rails’?

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