Canadian healthcare governance debate: Will local community boards survive in Ontario?

Why did the Ontario government decide to keep independent governance Boards in the Ontario healthcare system? Western Canadian models of integrated healthcare delivery systems got rid of local governance years ago when they created regional delivery models. Will the Ontario government continue to maintain independent local governance as a key feature of an integrated regional healthcare system? One of the key questions that has been raised as the system undergoes transformation to a regionally integrated model is “Will local governance survive?”

This question was the subject of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s “Healthcare Leaders’ Dialogue on Governance Renewal” held on January 16, 2008. The IPCA asked whether local community Boards be eliminated, or should they be transformed to align with the fundamental transformation of the health care system.

To provoke thinking on the topic, a background paper was produced entitled “How can Local Healthcare Governance Survive?” (free download at website below). The paper should be of interest to anyone, internationally, concerned with local healthcare governance matters.

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